BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX® COSMETIC is the most popular and effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures that has been available in Canada since 2001. Botox® works for dynamic wrinkles, which you get when you move your face. You might notice these as crow’s feet (you get these around your eyes from smiling) or lines on your forehead (those come from furrowing your brow). Static wrinkles happen as your skin gets older, losing some of the tissue that gives it structure. This creates wrinkles that show up even when your face isn’t moving. Botox® Cosmetic  is intended to enhance your unique look without sacrificing your own natural expression.

How does Botox Cosmetic® work?

Botox Cosmetic® is simply a purified protien that is injected into your facial muscles that cause wrinkles. It relaxes these dynamic lines resulting in a refreshed youthful appearance.

How long does it take to see results? How long do they last?

You will begin to see results within 24 hours post treatment. After 10 days you will have achieved a refreshed appearance that will last up to 4 months. The effects of Botox gradually disappears and you will regain movement of the treated area. We recommend you continue treating the area approximately every 4 months.

Injecting Botox® as well as dermal filler requires not only precision and experience, but also an “artistic eye”, to ensure soft, aesthetic & natural-looking results. Our team of professionals will consult with you first and are dedicated to providing you with the rejuvenating results!

All of the terminology for how Botox® treatment works for both men & woman gets a little complicated, so we have simplified it down into a few common areas:

  • Forehead
  • Frown lines
  • Around the eyes, (crow’s feet)
  • Bunny lines (relax where your nose shrugs up)

*Your Botox treatment may be eligible for Brilliant Distinctions Points. Ask us for details.


SOFT LIFT® is a perfect combination treatment using BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®. This treatment is a customized plan that takes into consideration your upper, mid and lower sections of your face.

What are the benefits of SOFT LIFT®?

  • BOTOX® will soften your dynamic lines, especially in your upper face.
  • JUVEDERM® will smooth out lines, and enhance areas of volume loss or show laxity. Subtle contours maybe added to create the volume in your cheeks or lips, and give you the desired look you desire.
  • BOTOX® and JUVEDERM® are safe and produce natural looking results in men and women.
  • Effects of your SOFT LIFT® will have some immediate results.

Special Events
We recommend you come in for your first consult between 2-4 weeks prior to a special event. This allows you to be comfortable with the final result and leave time to add any extra touch ups if you desire!

Click here to learn more about JUVEDERM® dermal fillers.

*Your SOFT LIFT® treatment is eligible for Brilliant Distinction Rewards. Please ask our staff how you may take advantage of these rewards today!

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