Laser Hair Removal

Imagine your life without having to worry about shaving or using chemical based creams to rid yourself of unwanted hairs. How easy and convenient would it be to always feel smooth, stubble free, INGROWN HAIR FREE? How much money would you save? With laser hair removal, you can put your time and money to better use! 

Many people do not realize that laser hair removal is also beneficial for people who tend to get problems with ingrown hairs. By removing the hair with a laser, the hair follicle can no longer become problematic

Laser hair removal can be performed on the vast majority of skin types. Traditionally, fair skinned people with dark hair have achieved the best results, but that has been changing as the lasers methods improve. Vitality Skin Bar’s laser can provide hair removal on darker skin tones with greater effectiveness, more comfort and less irritation than ever before.

While laser hair removal can be used on many parts of the body, for both men and women the most common areas of removal are:

Women upper lips, face, arms, underarms, abdomen, bikini area and legs

Men: chest, shoulders, back

Treatments increments are dependent on the area we are treating and your skin type.

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