“Zo offers simple, comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin!”

Zo products will work perfect for your daily routine and also aim to effectively bring you skin back to its healthiest state.

Prevent + Correct

Zo Skin Health is created with love from one of the world’s leading dermatologists Dr. Zein Obagi. His approach to healthy skin, Anti-Aging, Skin Brightening, Acne Correction, Rosacea, and Hyperpigmentation is superior. Zo has several Skin Care Programs to simplify choosing the most beneficial products to begin your daily routine and to address your skins specific concerns.

Zo Skin Health uses the best and most effective ingredients that are available today. Delivering proven results through both Products and Treatments within our clinic.

Vitality Skin Bar carries the full line of Zo Skin Health as well as we provide the therapeutic treatments that are the foundation of a healthy skin conditioning.

Enjoy your Hydarfacial with an infusion of Zo Skin Healths serums and post treatment products.

  • Zo Stimulator Peel (*See Chemical Peels)
  • Zo Skin Health® & Hydrafacial®
  • Brightalive® & Rozatrol® Booster Serums

Powered by Zo Skin Health Boosters & Hydrafacial Technology:
Exfoliate & Correct & Protect your skin with this effective combination.

The ZO Skin Health line has been featured on the CBS show, The Doctors, and in magazines like InStyle, New Beauty, US Weekly, and more.

ZO Skin Health is recommended post procedure to enhance & maintain the results of your treatments!
Zo Skin Health products are also used to perform a variety of treatments in Vitality Skin Bar, ask us about what we are using on your skin during your service.

Skin Care Concierge

Life is busy! Simply call us with your product selections and we will bring them curbside. Do you live in the Groves of Varisty? We will deliver to your door for free!

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