Introducing Snoring & Apnea Laser Therapy
Are you ready to Snore Less & Sleep More?

ETHEREA MX Dual Mode InLift

fractional laser is a non-invasive laser therapy to increase the quality of your sleep.

This advanced fractional laser technology fires light energy at a 2940 bandwith to gently heat the soft palate at the back of the mouth & throat region. This area may become increasingly lax over time. Snoring happens when the muscles and the soft tissue in the upper respiratory tract relax causing your soft palate and the mucous membranes in the throat to vibrate. The InLift ™ Fractional Laser helps target the root cause of snoring by tightening and strengthening the soft palate and the surrounding tissue that would otherwise relax and obstruct the air passage.

The treatment is quite simple, however we request you come in for a complimentary consultation so we may assess and examine your upper throat including tonsils, soft palate uvula and neck.

What to expect

InLift ™ Fractional Laser procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The Inlift ™ device is inserted into the mouth pointing towards the soft palate. Expect to feel a gentle warm sensation. Momentary breaks between your treatment is possible, so you may feel comfortable

Frequency of Treatment:

  • 1st. Your consultation & first therapeutic treatment will begin. Approximately 30 minutes.
  • 2nd. One week after the first treatment. 15-20 mins.
  • 3rd. Two weeks after the second treatment. 15-20 mins
  • Sequential treatments are optimal for results.Maintenance treatments every 6 months. 15-20 mins.


Inlift fractional laser procedure is very comfortable and there is no downtime after. Some people describe a slight discomfort in their throat which is mild and does not last more than 2 days. You may continue to eat and drink immediately after treatment.

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